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Kit Scrapbooking

Scrapbooking Kits... New and Improved for Kids.

By Wes Waddell

Bonding with kids is important for their emotional quotient. Sharing moments with them like going out, joining activities in school, and simply having a great dinner in fancy restaurants with them are just some of the affairs they remember to be worthwhile as a child growing up with great parents. But, how about indoors?

There is one activity parent and child could engage in doing at home without thinking of mistakes, peer pressures and/or errors. That is digital kit scrapbooking on the computer. Fancy artistic ready-made digital computer scrapbook kits are sold online now all the time. One of my very favorite sources is at

Some of the best ones have additional items like printed stencils, textured papers to print, additional paint schemes, colors, printable stickers and many other ready to tweak scrapbook embellishement stuff. It could cost a little now but what matters is the activity it could give to a child or teen and the number of times it can be used to create totally different pages and themes.

When our kids were growing up, we liked to combine more than one scrapbook kit to come up with our own unique style and layouts.

Scrapbooking is a great way to promote bonding while spending quality time together as a family. Adding the computer to the process makes the kids feel on equal ground or lets them even become the teacher in some cases. Kids and computers go together today as simply as peanutbutter and jelly. Scrapbooking, especially digital or computer scrapbooking is one of the best methods I know of to get kids talking and sharing in the activity.

Let's face it, telling stories of your childhood through scrapbooking and letting your children see and hear of your trials and exploits, just may be best lecture you ever give them without them knowing it even happened.

A well planned digital scrapbook kit is the perfect way to get the stories flowing... for both of you!

Most of these new and improved digital scrapbook kits are to be assembled with very little instructions required. Just open your favorite digital or computer scrapbook program and insert the pieces any way you choose. For such an activity, children as young as 8 or 9 can be easily guided and can really show their own style, with just a little of mommy's help.

What is really fun is expecting the final outcome of the project. You can never lose with digital scrapbooking kits because they can be kept as a nice remembrance of the shared moment and printed out in as many copies as needed. One for your families album, one for the child's growing scrapbook and even one for grandma and grandpa's Christmas or other holiday gift scrapbook. If you've checked out the folks at, then you know you can even have your digital scrapbook project printed as a real hardbound family heirloom scrapbook.

How would you feel as an adult looking at a computer scrapbook kit you assembled with your mom when you were just 10 years old? I'll bet you could just imagine the wonder and joy it brings back to you of the good old days of childhood!

If so, then I'm sure you can imagine what it's going to mean to your children or even grandchildren for you to create your own digital scrapbooks together now.

If you don't want to spend a single cent in getting started with computer digital scrapbooking kits, why not check out the FREE Digital Scrapbooking 101 Course at:  It has everything you and your child need to get started... including the link to FREE unlimited use software to use to create your first digital scrapbook.

You can start making the layout of your scrapbook by occasion or by a timeline of events. If you really have a serious passion with computer scrapbooking, it takes only a good mood to list down ideas on how you will start with making workable scrapbook theme. You can simply list down important events that happen most of the time in your yearly routines like the some of the following:

CHILD'S BIRTHDAY - if you have more than one sibling, you can decide on working a digital scrapbook template based on their favorite colors, or even go through your boxes of stored photos or pictures and get ideas for the best scrapbook layout later. You can also brouse through the thousands of ideas on sites like to help get the ideas flowing.

ANNIVERSARIES - you can come up with a concept for you and your husband's yearly celebration. You can even leave space for not only memorable pictures, but for cards, dried flowers, or theater ticket stubs which you can then insert or attach for the perfect digital scrapbook page kit theme. No formalities needed as long as the layout is organized and has meaning to you and your family.

SEASONS - Thanksgiving and Christmas celebrations may be the busiest times of the year. Cards may flood in for everyone in the family. It takes some thinking to realize you may also provide a little space even for the holiday postage stamps used in sending the snail mails. You should also keep dedications or personal notes with dates and important names. These are good elements to work on with a digital scrapbook template for an effective scrapbooking holiday or special occasion scrapbook theme.

HALLOWEEN - If you are into it, this can be some of the coolest themes you can have for scrapbook pages and themes. Lots of pictures and fun images could go well with a Halloween digital computer scrapbook template. Kids are definitely interested in looking at their spooky photos as part of a good colorful computer generated scrapbook. You can use a digital scrapbook kit for fall or harvest themes for this time of year as well.

Yes, creating computer digital scrapbooks using digital scrapbooking kits may be all about distributing the template for beloved relatives who shared important memories with you. You could collect images, reproduce them by scanning, make all the printed copies you need and compile them in completed scrapbook projects for each family member. You could even just send the digital scrapbook kit to at least 5 to 10 different relatives and just wait to see the different designs and scrapbook pages that come back to you. Call a reunion and require them to bring and show each other the assembled digital scrapbook kits. That ought to get the stories and memories flowing?

Bet the kids don't complain about being there for that holiday party.


Wes Waddell

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